Östgötagatan 48A, 116 64
Stockholm, Sweden

T. +46 (0)73 730 19 37


Apoteket Ugglan

Apoteket has been and is the “Pharmacy” in Sweden. Although competition is hard, Apoteket is still a synonym of trust.
In 2016 Apoteket decided to start a refurbishing and establishing campaign on the whole territory with a special attention to the so called Kultur Apotek.
We were honored to be involved in this project and were asked to help refurbishing Ugglan in Stockholm, Lejonet in Malmö and Svanen in Lund .
The basic ideas was to keep the soul of the past although integrating new and functional furniture.

Architect: Maxime Gazzo
Store design concept: Maxime Gazzo
Building and production: Apoteket
Photos: Per Andrén