Östgötagatan 48A, 116 64
Stockholm, Sweden

T. +46 (0)73 730 19 37




World leader in the Outdoors, Naturkompaniet has 33 well established shops in Sweden.
In Denmark and Germany they run as partners under the brand Friluftsland and Globetrotter.
The brand identity is strong and Naturkompaniet stand for service, expertise, quality, assortment and nature.
In 2018 we had the chance to design ,in collaboration with KS Projekt, a full store concept for the 3 different brands.
Design is still developing and evolving but many stores have already been refurbished.
Halmstad, Ã…rhus, Roskilde and Odense built in 2018 are just some of the examples.
Visiting one of their shops is always an exciting journey and through our concept we want to reach the customer and turn the shopping experience into an adventure.

Architect: Maxime Gazzo
Store Design: Maxime Gazzo and Stephen George
Building and production: KS Projekt AB