Östgötagatan 48A, 116 64
Stockholm, Sweden

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SALK Tennis Shop

On the 2nd of June 1913 Stockholms Almänna Lawn Tennis Klubb was founded in Bromma. 100 Years and many renovations later we had the honour to design the new tennis shop.

The new Salk Shop is part of the 2013 100 year anniversary renovation project of Salkhallen. It is located and integrated within the new café and reception area on the main entrance floor; an area dedicated to sales of high quality tennis equipment and clothing that wants the members of the club to feel welcome,  relaxed and at home.

When designing the space of the shop we were inspired by the classical club changing-room environment. We combined dark oak wood in contrast with clean white tiles and quality details in brass, leather and limestone that enhance the area with elegance, tradition and long lasting quality.

The hanging system on the tiled walls is a direct reference to the classical Maxply tennis racket and its beautiful craftsmanship and details. The uprights are in high gloss oak and they are connected by a display system in brass.

The floor furniture is characterized by a table, a bench for testing tennis shoes and a floor hang that offer both a practical and beautiful design. Here too we worked with details that remind us of the passion for quality and details of this sport. As a memory to the history of tennis we rapped the floor hanging bars with a classical “fairway” leather grip.

Timeless design and timeless quality for a shop that wants to reflect these ideals now like it did 100 years ago.

Architect: Maxime Gazzo
Store design concept: Maxime Gazzo
Building: KS Projekt AB