Östgötagatan 48A, 116 64
Stockholm, Sweden

T. +46 (0)73 730 19 37


Spirit Stores

Spirit Stores is a Swedish multibrand clothing shop that was nominated “Årets Multibrandbutik ” from Habit in 2011.

The first shop with our new concept opened on the 25th of August 2011 in Väla Centrum, Helsingborg.

900 sq/m of a wide range of clothes, including ACNE, POLO, NN07, simply displayed on a light and minimalistic design made of natural materials.

In September 2011 we also renovated Södra Förstadsgatan 25 in Malmö and Novalund.

The design project was the result of a close collaboration with interior architect Stephen George and his passion for details.

Architect: Maxime Gazzo
Store design concept: Maxime Gazzo & Stephen George
Building: KS Projekt AB